Field Level access is now available in Dynamics NAV !!!

It is long waited functionality which Dynamics Users wanted to have in Dynamics NAV. A field level access permission with respect to given permission set to user. for an Example, If the person is not having a read permission of Inventory posting group table then on item card the inventory posting group field should not be visible to him / her.

From Dynamics NAV 2016 onward, Dynamics NAV now having the field level security capability with new property for table’s field called AccessByPermission. 

Field Level Security in NAV 2016

Set a value for the table field or UI element that determines the permission mask for the object that you want to see and access the related page fields or UI element in the client. The UI element will be removed at run-time if you don’t have permission to a certain object as specified in the Access By Permission window. So, if you don’t have permission for table, the field will automatic be hidden from the page.

For an instance,

Now, In standard Dynamics NAV  ‘Promised Delivery Date’ on Sales Header requires permission for table ‘Order Promising Line’.  If you don’t have permission, this field won’t be visible on sales order page.


If you define the property for a table field, then all instances of the field on pages are removed. To override the property on an individual page field, delete the permission value after the = sign in the Value field. Do NOT delete the whole string as that will be replicated on the property of the table field.

For more details, click here.

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