January 16, 2017

Service Management

Amerdian’s team of Solution Architects and Engineers implement and enhance Dynamics NAV and TekSked for companies specializing in Service Management.

The entire suite of Service Management software manages all aspects of Service Management requirements including:

  • Planning and Dispatching – Manage Service personnel and field technicians, filter according to availability, location, skills and stock items.
  • Service Contract Management – Maintain contract history, renewals, and templates. Manage warranty details on service items and spare parts. Record details on service levels, response times, discount levels as well as service history.
  • Service Item Management – Keep track of all your service items, including component management, BOM reference and warranty information. 
  • Service Order Management – Register your after sales issues including service requests, services due, service orders and repair requests.
  • Service Price Management – Maintain and monitor your service prices. Set up price groups based on different criteria- such as the service item or several item groups, the task involved or the type of fault- for a limited time or for a specific customer or currency.   Define the price calculation structures that include all parameters- for example, the parts used, different work types and service charges.  The system automatically assigns the correct price structure to the service orders that match the service price group criteria.  You may also assign fixed prices, minimum prices or maximum prices to service price groups and view statistics about the profitability of each service price group.

Every department and role in a Service Management company is automated.  From your Customer Service department, Marketing and Sales to Scheduling Service Technicians in the field, Contract Renewals, Invoicing, Credit Card Payments and Reporting!  Amerdian, Dynamics and TekSked provide the expertise and complete software solution you need to be competitive.