January 16, 2017

Upgrade MS Dynamics NAV , AX

Your software touches every aspect of your business, so keeping your software up to date is critical. By upgrading your software, you’re keeping your business up to date. Upgrading to the newest version is one of the most cost effective investments you can make. Upgrading your software protects your data, positions your people to be more productive, more technologically advanced and therefore more competitive.

Stuff happens. Issues arise. Changes to your software will need to be made to keep it current over time. Amerdian will help you develop an upgrade strategy specifically designed for your needs and requirements.


  • New versions are released with functionality that improves your bottom line.
  • Integrated 3rd party software needs updating.
  • Your business evolves which demands the need for new workflows and features to be designed and implemented.

Want to upgrade your Dynamics NAV / AX solution to Newer version ? We would love to help you to smooth transition of your Dynamics version to latest..

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